Matthew Hoang, Senior Design Engineer

LIFT by EnCore

We feel very lucky to have such an experienced and passionate engineer on the LIFT team. Employees like Matthew are the heartbeat of our company. Matthew has worked at EnCore since 2012, and became one of the first nine people on the LIFT team in 2015. 


"Matthew’s work ethic and work habits are a shining example for our engineering team."

What drew you to engineering?

When I was a teenager, I would often look to the sky whenever I heard an airplane, and I’d ask myself why and how it could fly. I learned about drag force in my first Physics class in college, and I had my answer. I found all those classes so interesting – mathematics, physics, static, dynamic, stress, graphic – so I became a Mechanical Engineer.


What are you known for in the office (not related to engineering)?

My colleagues come to me for advice on where to find the best Vietnamese concentrated coffee shops and famous restaurants. But sometimes I worry that they won't be able to sleep at night because the coffee is so strong! We often have dinner and lunches together while waiting for the seat to test.


What do you enjoy most about working at EnCore?

At EnCore, I have been excited by all of the opportunities to be involved in certification of different products including galleys, front row monuments, extended bins, and seats. The solid marketing, design, development, certification, and production teams have been friendly while working side by side through all of it. We are all passionate about our work and the company, and find creative solutions to any problems that arise along the way. LIFT employees are willing to help each other as we solve problems, work towards certification, and support suppliers. We work smart to produce the best seats. I believe that the strong chemistry and bonding between the LIFT team and its departments is what makes us successful.


"I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of engineers over the past 25 years. In my short time here at EnCore, Matthew Hoang has really stood out.  Not only as an extremely talented design engineer, but as a person with unrelenting commitment.

I look for engineers who love the product, and give deep consideration to the materials and processes used to make a product.  Along those lines, there’s an old saying that goes something like this, “No honest engineer ends the day with clean hands.” In this regard, Matthew is true to his profession as he finds a nice balance of computer time versus time spent on the production floor. 

Matthew’s work ethic and work habits are a shining example for our engineering team."

Mike McCarthy, Chief Technical Officer, EnCore


Matthew Hoang, Senior Design Engineer, has worked at EnCore since 2012, and was one of the first nine employees on the LIFT team in 2015. With a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from UC Fullerton, Matthew has spent his career designing and developing aircraft interiors. Since joining EnCore, he has worked on galleys, front row monuments, dividers, and has also supported floor panel and APU duct programs. Matthew and his wife, Madeline Pham, have three children, Michael, Mikaela, and Miranda, and live in Orange County.

Matthew Hoang, Senior Design Engineer, has worked at EnCore since 2012, and became one of the first nine people on the LIFT team in 2015.


Tom Eaton, Director of Design

LIFT by EnCore

EnCore is fortunate to have Tom on the LIFT team as we continue to develop new products by following his creative leadership and passion to innovate.

"Design is not just the execution of a skill, but the willingness to think with the broadest of perspectives, while never losing focus on the end goal."

What drew you to design?

For as long as I can remember, and certainly before I knew about design, I had a fascination for the elegance of structures. Looking at a suspension bridge inspired daydreams. On the weekends with my dad, we'd build on our family's smallholding: barns, stables, fences, and tree houses. They were elaborate constructions built from reclaimed materials that we'd erect using ropes, pulley, rollers... and plenty of will power!.


What part does design play in an aircraft?

For most of us, flying is either worrying or tiresome; it is seldom a pleasure. I believe that design can go a long way in welcoming and calming passengers by humanizing the feel of the cabin. When looking for inspiration, I often turn to residential and social environments, in search of objects that I consider to as ‘warm’, because they imbue a feeling of invitation and calmness.


What do you enjoy most about working at EnCore?

Not often do you have the opportunity to join a venture at the start, but even less so with a company as forward-looking as LIFT. Everyone here plays a role that’s critical to our efficiency, stability, and success, and it's this commitment that makes it such an inspiring environment to work in.

When you are working in a company where many of the staff have worked together with Jim and Tom for over 40 years, it is truly a family that's built on respect and trust. 

We're all in it together.


Tom Eaton, Director of Design, has worked at LIFT by EnCore since 2016. Having studied Vehicle Design at the Royal College of Art, in London, Tom spent the first half of his career tackling the world of consumer electronics. Nokia, where he developed their first true touch screen phone, and then at LG Electronics, where he was tasked with evolving their products lines to adopt a more ‘global’ design aesthetic.

Subsequently, he has spent the last 8 years in the US, with the first three leading SRAMs mountain bike division before venturing into the aerospace industry. Tom’s work includes winning the coveted Crystal Cabin Award, multiple patents for economy class seating and most recently, heading Industrial Design at EnCore. His work spans the industry from custom interiors, to economy and business class seating.

If he’s not found sitting at his desk, he’ll be sitting on his bike.