Tom Eaton, Director of Design

LIFT by EnCore

We feel very lucky to have Tom on the LIFT team as we continue to develop new products by following his creative leadership and passion to innovate.

"Design is not just execution of a skill, but the willingness to think with the broadest of perspectives, while never losing focus on the end goal."

What drew you to design?

For as long as I can remember, and certainly before I knew about design, I had a fascination for the elegance of structures. Looking at a suspension bridge inspired daydreams.

On the weekends with my dad, we'd build on our family's small holding: barns, stables, fences, and tree houses. They were elaborate constructions built from reclaimed materials that we'd erect using ropes, pulley, rollers... and plenty of will power!


What part does design play in an aircraft?

For most of us, flying is either worrying or tiresome; it is seldom a pleasure. I believe that design can go a long way in welcoming and calming passengers by opening up the entire feel of the cabin. We have many tools on hand that we can use to deliver these qualities, from the materials we develop to the forms that we sculpt. When looking for inspiration, I often turn to home and social environments, in search of objects that I refer to as 'warm', because they offer a visual message of invitation and calmness.


What do you enjoy most about working at LIFT?

Not often do you have the opportunity to join a venture at the start, but even less so with a company as forward-looking as LIFT. Everyone here plays a role that is critical to our efficiency, stability, and success. It is this commitment that makes it such an inspiring work environment.  

When you are working in a company where many of the staff have worked together with our founders Jim Downey and Tom McFarland for over 40 years, it is truly a family that's built on respect and trust. 

We're all in it together.


Tom Eaton, Director of Design,

has been with LIFT since 2015.