We stay on the cutting edge of manufacturing - it is at the heart of our commitment to quality.


Design & Development

At EnCore, we understand that one size, one configuration, does not always fit all; so, we work diligently to design and develop products that genuinely meet your particular requirements. Our galleys and interiors can be customized to meet your in-service needs, while LIFT’s seating comes in a range of pre-certified options to make selection and development quick, yet configurable. Our goal is not just to solve the larger inefficiencies of the aircraft industry with streamlined solutions, but to provide the kind of special service that solves unique problems too.


We do a majority of our certification testing in-house. This investment in certification resources allows us to develop far faster, and with greater accuracy than our competitors. Having a world-class prototyping center in-house offers our engineers the ability to build prototypes to iterate in their design work, and allows us to create customer prototypes so we can touch and feel a product before it goes to production. By having these capabilities, our engineers can readily meet deadlines, optimize designs, reduce certification risks, and shorten the development cycle, without having to involve third-party facilities.

  • 16g Dynamic Test Sled

  • Flammability Lab

  • Cycle and Abuse Center

  • Static Testing Facility

  • World-Class Prototyping Center


We stay on the cutting edge of manufacturing - it is at the heart of our commitment to quality. Each company in the EnCore group has its own facilities and equipment at its disposal, but the three companies work in unison, lending resources to the others when needed- one elegant machine in motion to create a seamless customer experience.

While much of what we do at EnCore is created with hands-on craftsmanship, we are supported by a wide range of cutting edge technology including 3-Axis and 5-Axis routers, core saws, crush core presses, decorative material application vacuum ovens, multi-opening panel presses, test frame for material physical properties, and more.

We have a breadth of capabilities to manufacture metals, plastics, electrical systems and a range of composite abilities. Our vertical integration strategy allows us to build much of our assemblies in-house so that we can ensure timely performance.