EnCore Interiors

EnCore Interiors is a full floor-to-floor design, manufacturing, and certification company. We offer galleys, lavatories, class dividers, closets, flooring, and other components, and work on just about anything that passengers see on the interior of an aircraft.

We have developed a reputation among our commercial airline clients for creating superior products that are delivered on time with top quality results. EnCore is the only supplier in the MAX 737 Catalog that is Boeing Gold both in Quality and Delivery, and most of EnCore's customers have been doing business with us for over 45 years. Whether retrofitting components that have undergone years of wear or engineering from the ground up, we put care into every step of the process and offer premium customer care throughout. The industry knows that if EnCore Interiors takes on a program, they always follow through.

EnCore Interiors has facilities located in Huntington Beach, CA and Seal Beach, CA.



EnCore Interiors Products

Narrowbody Pivot Bins.jpg

Pivot Bins

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G1 & G2 

G4B & G4C 

Class Dividers 

Overhead Bin 2.jpg

Overhead Bins

Dome Ceilings

Floor Panels




While much of what we do at EnCore Interiors is created with hands-on craftsmanship, we are supported by a wide range of technology including 3-Axis and 5-Axis Routers, Core Saws, CrushCore Presses, Decorative Material Application Vacuum Ovens, Multi-Opening Panel Presses, Panel Testing Machines, and more.


EnCore Interiors Customers